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Black-MV Space Rover

It has been years since I found the time to work on something for myself and have complete agency over a project. Although I discovered this competition rather late, it was the perfect opportunity to break the habit. My rover is designed for tough weather and hard terrain, with solar panels on the side for extra juice. It can withstand difficult storms and resist heat waves while protecting personnel. This heavily armored beast is made of two main compartments; a personnel carrier in the front is designed to protect and carry passengers on missions in style and comfort, while a spacious equipment compartment in the back allows transportation of all goods necessary for exploration and active missions. It’s built to be nimble and agile despite its massive and strong build, with the ability to seamlessly travel across tough and otherwise intolerable terrains. It’s especially designed for extreme heat and powerful storms, while still capable of keeping personnel safe in the inevitable coldness of the beyond.